Agarwal Vishal

Assistant Professor

Catalysis, Biofuels, Nucleation, Gas-Surface and Liquid-Surface Interactions, Molecular Simulation, Abintio Molecular Dynamics, Density Functional Theory, Rare-Event Simulations, Reaction Rate Theory.

Apte Pankaj A.

Associate Professor

Statistical Mechanics, Interfacial Thermodynamics, Phase equilibria and nucleation.

Deo Goutam


Catalysis and reaction engineering, Supported catalysts, Reaction kinetics.

Garg Sanjeev


Bioinformatics, Bioremediation, RNA Interference, Computer Aided Product and Process Design, Flexibility Analysis of Chemical and Biological Systems.

Ghatak Animangsu


Adhesion and friction on soft interfaces, Fracture of soft thin sheets, Bio-inspired approaches in design of engineering materials.

Gupta Raju K.

Associate Professor

Photocatalysis, Green synthesis of nanomaterials, Surface chemistry, High dielectric constant materials, Perovskite solar cells, Supercapacitors, Electrospinning of functional polymers and nanocomposites for environmental and energy applications.

Joshi Yogesh M.


Rheology, Polymer science and engineering and Fluid mechanics.

Kaistha Nitin


Process modeling, Simulation and control, Plantwide control system structure synthesis, Control of reactive distillation columns.

Katkar Harshwardhan H.

Assistant Professor

Soft matter, Biophysics, Nanopores, Bacterial Assemblies, Fluid Mechanics, Multiscale modeling, Bottom-up coarse-graining, Enhanced sampling.

K. P. Krishnaraj

Assistant Professor

Flow, structure and stress transmission in granular media, structure and transport in spatial networks.

Mangal Rahul

Assistant Professor

Polymer physics, colloids, complex fluids, nanocomposites, active matter, liquid crystals.

Pala Raj Ganesh


Electrochemical and reaction engineering, Sustainable energy and environment, Photoelectrochemical systems, CO2 Capture, Fuel cells, Catalysis using nanostructured metal oxides.

Panda Siddharta


Chemical sensors, Lab-on-a-chip, Micro/nano fabrication, Microfluidics, Materials processing for microelectronic and display technologies.

Pillai Dipin S.

Assistant Professor

Stability Theory, Nonlinear Dynamics, Reduced-Order Modeling, Hydrodynamic Stability, Thin Films, Electrohydrodynamics, Multiphase flows

Ragipani Raghavendra

Assistant Professor

Carbon dioxide capture and mineralization, Resource recovery and solid waste utilization, Sustainable process engineering

Saha Dalal Indranil

Assistant Professor

Modeling and simulation of the dynamics of polymer chains in flow, Mesoscale and molecular dynamics simulations, Modeling and simulation of complex fluids & Flow induced effects in biomolecules.

Shankar V.


Stability of fluid flows, Rheology of complex fluids.

Sharma Ashutosh


Confined Soft Materials, Nanomechanics, Meso-Patterning, Colloids and Interfaces, Wetting and Adhesion, Functional Interfaces.

Sharma Himanshu

Assistant Professor

Flow through porous media,Enhanced oil recovery, Colloids & interfaces,Nanotechnology.

Singh Jayant K

Professor & HOD

Thermodynamics, Selective adsorption and separation, Energy storage materials, Wetting transition, Self assembly and crystallization at nanoscale.

Singh Raghvendra

Associate Professor

Signal transduction, Systems biology, Biophysics.

Sivakumar Sri


Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials, Layer-by-Layer (LbL) assembly, Polymer capsules, Thin films, Drug delivery, and Photonic crystals.

Tiwari Naveen


Transport Phenomena, Instabilities in micro-scale free surface flows, Flow through porous media.

Tripathi Anurag

Associate Professor

Modelling and simulation of complex fluids, Rheology and segregation of granular mixtures, Wet granular flows.

Verma Nishith


Adsorption, Synthesis of nanomaterials including adsorbents and catalysts, Environmental pollution control (air/water purifications), Carbon-based electrodes, Lattice Boltzmann modelling and simulation.

Prof. Agarwal Avadh B.

Professor (1964-2000)

Air Pollution and environmental engineering; Catalysis.

Prof. Bhattacharya P. K.

Professor (1977-2016)

Membrane separation, Environmental pollution, Process modelling

Prof. Chhabra R. P.

Professor (1984-2018)

Non-newtonian fluid particle systems, Transport properties of liquid metals and molten salts.

Prof. Gehlawat Jagdish K.

Professor (1975-1997)

Process development for agro-based materials like sugar, starch, maize etc. Reaction kinetics and design.

Prof. Gupta Jai P.

Professor (1972-2010)

Process intensification, Petroleum Engineering, Environment & safety in chemical process industry, Hazardous substance management, Water conservation & recycling, Inherently safer design

Prof. Gupta Santosh K.

Professor (1973-2012)

Bio-mimetic approaches in genetic algorithm & simulated annealing, Multi-objective optimization of industrial processes, On-line optimizing control of polymerization reactors, Modeling of Complex Polymerization Systems

Prof. Khanna Ashok

Professor (1982-2013)

Process control, Polymer processing

Prof. Kumar Anil

Professor (1972-2012)

Room Temperature Polymer Catalyst For Esterification Of Primary Alcohols, Polymeric Surfactants, Membrane Separation

Prof. Kunzru Deepak

Professor (1975-2016)

Microstructured reactors, Catalytic & chemical reaction engineering, Pyrolysis of hydrocarbons, Petroleum processing

Prof. Rao Davuluri P.

Professor (1976-2005)

Process intensification, Separation processes, Multiphase reactors, Heat & Mass Transfer, Solar energy

Late Prof. Rao Musti S.

Professor (1971-2003)
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Kinetics & Catalysis, Chemical reaction engineering with a special interest in statistical modelling, Zeolite catalysis, Process engineering

Late. Prof. Rao Y.V.C.

Professor (1964- 2004)

Estimation of thermodynamic properties, Prediction of vapour liquid equilibria data for multi-component systems, Estimation of vibration to vibration & vibration to translation energy transfer rates in polyatomic molecules

Prof. Saraf Deoki N.

Professor (1967-2003)

Process modelling & control, Online optimization, Petroleum engineering

Prof. Singh Rakesh P.

Professor (1966-2004)

Process modelling & control, Online optimization, Petroleum engineeringg