Research in our group is hinged on understanding the catalytic activity and selectivity issues for supported metal oxide and related heterogeneous catalyzed systems. Emphasis is placed on hydrocarbon partial oxidation for which the effects of various catalyst parameters were studied. A judicious choice of characterization techniques complimented with reactivity data assists in understanding why some of the parameters do or do not have an affect on the catalytic activity and selectivity. Designing a catalyst using modifiers has also been undertaken and from the structure-reactivity relationships and statistical methodologies, an optimum catalytic composition was determined. Specifically, the reactions studied are the ethane and propane oxidative dehydrogenation reactions and the CO2-H2 methanation reaction. Future studies will involve other hydrocarbon based reactions and the utilization of simultaneous in situ characterization and reaction techniques, coined as Operando spectroscopy, for the understanding of some heterogeneously catalyzed reactions.


  • AICTE career award for the young teacher (1997).
  • DAE-BNRS award for young scientist (1997).

Recent Publications

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