Minor Programme

To obtain a minor in Chemical engineering, a student should submit an application to the DUGC of ChE, preferably in their fourth semester so as to facilitate pre-registration of appropriate ChE minor courses from their fifth semester onwards. There are limited number of openings (about 10) for every batch and the selection is based on the CPI of the student. In case of a tie, the stream of the student and grades of specific courses will also be considered.

Following the acceptance by ChE department, the student should complete the following four courses to obtain the minor:

CHE251: Introduction to ChE and process calculations (offered in the odd semester, no prerequisites)
CHE261: Chemical Process Industries (offered in the even semester, no prerequisites)
CHE313: Mass transfer and its applications (offered in the odd semester,no prerequisites)
CHE331: Chemical Reaction Engineering (offered in the even semester, ESO202 is a prerequisite for this course)

Template for Minor in Chemical Engineering (From 2022 Onwards)

Student should complete any three of the following courses:

CHE251, CHE212, CHE213*, CHE221*, CHE311, CHE331*, CHE381
* Offered in minor slots