M.Tech Programme in Chemical Engineering

The four semester M.Tech. program attracts approximately 40 students each year. The students are required to take a minimum of six courses, including two from mandatory streams- catalysis and reaction engineering, transport phenomena, thermodynamics, and mathematics or numerical methods. This is followed by six course units and a summer term of research. Mechanism exists for a student in master's program to transition to doctoral study in the department.


Admissions to the M.Tech program happens every summer, usually in the month of April-May. The notification for the same, for all departments, is posted on the institute webpage. Currently, the admissions are done solely on the basis of GATE scores. The eligibility for the MTech program are given in details in the PG manual of IITK.

Template for Post Graduate Courses

Department of chemical engineering offers several core and elective courses for the students enrolled in Ph.D., M.Tech. and M.S.(Research) programmes, below given minimum course requirements for different PG programmes.
Programme Minimum course requirement
M.Tech. Minimum course requirement is six.
Two must be taken from the compulsory courses (ChE611, ChE621, ChE631),
one from (ChE641/ChE642), and the rest three can be taken from the list of electives.
Student may take another course from the compulsory basket as an elective.
In addition to the usual courses, MS and MTech students are required to register for zero credit M.Tech. Seminar(ChE701) and Ph.D. students are required to register for zero credit Ph.D. Seminar(ChE801).
Core courses offered
Course No: Course Title
ChE611 Transport Phenomena
ChE621 Thermodynamics
ChE631 Reaction Engineering
ChE641 Mathematical Methods
ChE642 Numerical Methods
ChE701 M.Tech. Seminar
ChE801 Ph.D. Seminar
Elective courses offered
Course No: Course Title
ChE652A Optimization
ChE643A Mesoscale And Continuum Simulations In Chemical Engineering
ChE663A Convective Heat and Mass transport
ChE633A Heterogeneous Catalysis
ChE613A Rheology of Complex Fluids
ChE659A Process Engineering Principles in Microfabrication
ChE677A Introduction to Polymer Physics
ChE632A Multiphase Reactor Design
ChE636A Numerical simulation of fluid flow through porous media
ChE672A Polymer Processing
ChE623A Thermodynamics of fluids and fluid mixtures
ChE687A Quantum Chemical Design of Electrochemical, Catalytic and Separation Engineering Materials
ChE616A Granular Flow
ChE668A (or) ChE614A Principles of non-Newtonian fluid mechanics (or) Introduction to hydrodynamic stability
ChE678A Mechanics of soft materials
ChE622A Introduction to molecular simulations
ChE664A Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage
ChE684A Introduction to Systems Biology
ChE665A Statistical Mechanics and Kinetics for Engineers