Double Major Programme

A Chemical Engineering B. Tech student may choose to opt for a Double Major Program. A student completing a Double Major Program earns both the B.Tech (Chemical Engineering) and a B.Tech/BS degree from another department on graduation. The normal duration of all Double Major Programs is 5-years.

Students should have a minimum CPI of 8.0 at the time of applying for a Double Major Program. Admission to the Double Major program is subject to overall CPI ranking and availability of seats. Details regarding seat availability are given in the UG manual.

Students may opt for Double Major program after their 4th semester. Students in their 4th semester and wanting to opt for the Double Major Program must apply in response to the call for admission to the Double Major Program made during that semester. Once a student is admitted into the Double Major program, s/he will be advised by the DUGC conveners of both the parent and the Second Major departments regarding the course template, course requirements, time table clashes and other issues.

A Double Major student is entitled to a waiver of 36-OE credits from the B.Tech (Chemical Engineering) graduation requirements.

A student may withdraw at any time from the Double Major program. Additionally, the Second Major will be withdrawn at the end of the eighth semester if the student is short of 30 credits or more from completing the First Major, or if her/his CPI falls below 6.0.

In case the Second Major of a Double Major student is withdrawn for any reason, the student will be required to complete all mandatory graduation requirements of the undergraduate program for graduation with a B. Tech (Chemical Engineering) degree. However, courses taken towards the Second Major may be counted as OE credits for the B. Tech (Chemical Engineering) graduation requirements.

Template for double major: second major in Chemical Engineering (From 2022 Onwards)

Odd Sem Even SEM
ESO201 (11)
Mandatory CHE courses
CHE251 (12) CHE212 (12)
CHE311 (12) CHE213 (12)
CHE331 (12) CHE221 (12)
CHE381 (12) CHE352 (12)
Total CHE course credits: 96