Our research activities are in the areas of transport phenomena, reaction engineering, materials processing and micro/nano fabrication leading to the technology development of chemical sensors - utilizing both printable flexible electronics based platforms as well as conventional silicon electronics based platforms. We study the physical modification and chemical modification to fabricate functional sensing surfaces, transport phenomena of the analytes to these surfaces (including in microfluidic units), the specific recognition reactions at these surfaces, charge transport in the semiconducting materials, and device design (including transistors and arrays). There is an effort towards understanding the sensing mechanisms. These chemical sensors (including biosensors) have applications in healthcare, environmental monitoring, industrial safety, and security.


  • IBM Invention Achievement Award (2002-2006)
  • Jeet Bindra Research Fellowship (2010-2013)
  • Golden Jubilee Chair Professor on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (2018-2021)
  • Dr. S. Sampath Chair Professor (2022-2025)


  • Samtel Centre for Display Technonogies [Link]
  • The National Centre of Flexible Electronics [Link]

Recent Publications

  • D. Bhatt, S. Panda, "Dual-gate ion-sensitive field-effect transistors: A review", Electrochemical Science Advances 2, e2100195 (2023).
  • S.K. Gautam, S. Panda, "Highly sensitive Cu-ethylenediamine/PANI composite sensor for NH3 detection at room temperature", Talanta, 258, 124418 (2023).
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  • A. Jain, S.K. Gautam, S. Panda. "NH3-detecting room temperature PANI-TiO2-based flexible gas sensor with EIS-validated sensing mechanism", Physica Scripta,98, 095909 (2023).

Recent Patent Applications

  • D.K. Maurya, S. Panda, "A Method for Encapsulating PANI-CSA Based Temperature Sensor for Enhancing Humidity Stability and Product", Indian Patent 426595 (2023).
  • V. Srivastava and S. Panda, "A Wearable Device With Smart Timer", Indian Patent 426819 (2023).
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