Our group is interested in understanding physical behavior and dynamics of structured fluids. We combine expertise from Chemical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science to understand molecular phenomena that is responsible for the flow behavior. Major thrust area of our group is to understand ageing and effect of deformation on the variety of soft glassy materials such as concentrated suspensions, glassy polymers and polymer nanocomposites. Common theme in all these systems is their jammed state wherein primary entity (particle or molecular segment) is physically arrested due to overall crowding of constituents. In such state, system explores only a small part of the phase space thereby leading to a glassy behavior. Recently we showed that how rheological characterization can give profound insight into the ageing of colloidal glasses compared to that of colloidal gels. We also investigated effect of deformation on the ageing suspensions and how influence of the same on relaxation dynamics can be used to predict long time rheological behavior of these materials. We are also involved in understanding rheological behavior of discotic nematic suspensions, particularly their intriguing flow behaviors that are industrially very important.