Vikramjeet Singh Chandel

PhD (IISc, Bengaluru)

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Research Interest



  • PhD (IISc, Bengaluru)



  • With Anwoy Maitra and Amar Deep Sarkar, Notions of visibility for Kobayashi distance: Comparisons and Applications, 32 pages, submitted, (arXiv: 2111.00549).

  • With Anindya Biswas, Interpolating sequences for the Banach algebras generated by a class of test functions, 20 pages, submitted (arXiv: 2104.05461).

  • With Sayani Bera and Mayuresh Londhe, On a spectral version of Cartan's theorem to appear in Journal of Geometric Analysis (arXiv: 2105.11284).

  • Certain non-homogeneous matricial domains and Pick-Nevanlinna interpolation problems Internat. J. Math. 32 (2021), no. 11, 1-23, link (arXiv: 2009.01834).

  • With Tirthankar Bhattacharyya and Anindya Biswas, On the Nevanlinna problem--characterzation of all Schur-Agler class solutions affiliated with a given kernel, Studia Math. 255 (2020), no. 1, 83-107, link (arXiv: 1905.04301).

  • With Uma Dayal, Irreducibility of a sum of polynomials depending on disjoint sets of variables, to appear in Indian J. Pure Appl. Math., link (arXiv: 1810.11342).

  • The 3-point spectral Pick interpolation problem and an application to holomorphic correspondences, J. Geom. Anal. 30 (2020), no. 1, 551-572, link (arXiv: 1710.02955).

  • With Gautam Bharali, Pick interpolation on the polydisc: small families of sufficient kernels, Complex Anal. Oper. Theory, 13 (2019), no. 5, 2069-2093,link (arXiv: 1610.01080).

  • The three-point Pick-Nevanlinna interpolation problem on the polydisc, Complex Var. Elliptic Equ., 63 (2018), no. 9, 1341-1352, link (arXiv: 1505.03763).



FB 508 (Faculty Building)
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
IIT Kanpur,
Kanpur 208016

Office Phone: 0512-259-2296

Email: vschandel[AT]

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