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IIT Kanpur's faculty are among the best in the world in their areas of interest. They impart an education for exceptional careers in engineering and related fields.

The faculty have made significant research contributions to pure science,engineering, humanities and management fields while empowering the next generation of students with a world-class education.



Dance Club also known as K-OS

K-OS is one of the most active and hardworking club of IIT Kanpur. It has more than 100 members in it.The members perform versatile dance forms like hip-hop, bollywood, salsa, folk dance, classical, freestyle, contemporary and many more.The Dance club works on the principle of learn, teach and perform.




Fine Arts Club

Arts is envisaged to be an integral part of life.The Fine arts club at IIT kanpur helps its members to develop an aesthetic sense.




Dramatics Club

The dramatics club is home to all the theatre lovers and nukkad enthusiasts. A plethora of talented individuals join everyyear to take forward IIT Kanpur's rich legacy in dramatics. Club majorly deals with Stage Plays and Nukkad. From writing play, to direction and to performance, members get to learn the skills required for each of these jobs. The club has two Dramatic Eves which showcase the talent of the members of the club.



English Literary Society

English Literary Society is a society of English Literature enthusiasts in IIT Kanpur. The society conduts literary activities in the campus throughout the year.The main focus of the society is to see people being as comfortable with english as they are with Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, or other languages.




Films & Media Council

  • To provide a platform to Students of IIT Kanpur to enhance their creativity and talents.

  • Spread awareness and raise campus people voice, bring it to the masses.

  • Providing entertainment through screening of movies."


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