After a very happening Day2, showcasing a lot of enthusiasm and excitement, the day3 of Techkriti’21 bloomed with even more elements. The majority of the day covered inspirational and informative talks.

John Henry Schwarz enlightened the audience about the string theory and his research in the field over 50 years. In 1971 Pierre Ramond , Andre Neveu and John Schwarz found second string theory (superstrings). Concluding the talk by talking about extra dimensions and how a newer theory is exploring newer dimensions.This theory is still in progress and very eminent physicists from around the world are working on it. The words coming straight from the person who contributed in the string theory were very enlightening.

Jeffery Ullman in his talk argued about how machine learning and data science are two completely different fields.Statisticians view data science as something of their own. Data Science is intact a natural evolution of what database people have been doing all along. Concluding the talk with two main points, Data Science is a natural evolution of work in many branches of computer science. Statisticians almost got it right but are too focused on analysis rather than solving people's problems. The questions asked by the audience were a bunch of interesting ones and there was a two way enthusiasm.

Kaustuv Bagchi represented LnT in his talk and spread a word about how the team at LnT constantly works to thrive technological advancements.

Anil Kakodkar is an Indian nuclear physicist. He was the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India and the Secretary to the Government of India, he was the Director of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre from 1996–2000. In his talk he distinguished between challenges faced by developed countries and India in facing climate change and using resources. He added that human existence may be in danger if the problem gets ignored. Gave examples of approaches of Japan and Germany to meet climate targets. Gave a strategy for India’s Electricity Generation Plan to achieve goals till 2050. He drew attention to decarbonizing energy beyond electricity like the use of biomass, solar, nuclear energies. Listed other critical technologies to be developed. Then he concluded by talking about challenges ahead in the way to achieve the goal of zero carbon emission.

The Day3 consisted of workshops on Ethical hacking and cyber security, Automotive engine and Ic engine, Machine Learning, Web Development, Drone Quadcopter, Internet of things and Android Development. Technical and Entrepreneurial competitions witnessed a large participation which included ECDC, Beat the Market, Design Events, Stock pitch, Technovation TIC, ML Hackathon, Take off-IDRL.

With this Techkriti’21 was concluded with a big show of the Famous bollywood singer KK. WIth his melodic voice and amazing performance, he made the audience glide through his music.

Techkriti'21 2nd Day

 After a very happening Day1, showcasing a lot of enthusiasm and excitement, the day2 of Techkriti’21 bloomed with even more elements. The majority of the day covered inspirational and informative talks and panel discussions, including personalities like Pete Michels, Mridula Garg, Karlheinz Brandenburg, Srinivas Mohan, William Daniel Philips.

Workshops offering a learning opportunity to add a number of helpful and career setting skillset, on various subjects like Startup and Entrepreneurship, Robotics, programming language Python, Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security, Automotive Engine and IC Engine, Machine Learning and Web development.

Competitions were another major attraction for the day where students and tech and entrepreneurial enthusiasts from all over the country showed excellent participation and performance. These included competitions like Mandakini, Robogames, Technovation TIC, ECDC, Takeoff - IDRL, ML Hackathon, and Astro Quiz.

The talks started with Pete Michels, the leading animator for the famous tv show "The Simpsons".

He went on to talk about how he started with the show The Simpsons and is now the person behind the amazing and very expressive and funny animated show Rick and Morty. Pete also included a slideshow where he put some light upon how 2D animation has developed over the years and explored the fine details animators have to look out on. Explaining both the technical and the art aspects of animating, he said “the real art is where the expressions come in, an animator gets to be an actor and that’s the best part! Rest all is technical.”

To explore animation and being a professional he said, you may have to give a few exams to showcase your talent but you always have to keep drawing and exploring new stuff to get your art out there.

Following the talk on animation, We had a Panel Discussion including Saket Modi, Founder and CEO-Lucideus, Pranjal Kamra, CEO-Finology Ventures, Tarun Sharma, Co-founder and CEO- mCaffeine and Ankit Saxena, Manager(Projects) SIIC, IIT Kanpur. The discussion was quiet intense with a few disagreements which ultimately led to a lot of amazing tips and ideas to come up. It mainly covered three ideas

Career path point of view vs working at a regular job which covered the overall journey of the speakers from how and where they started and the present.

Is growth valued more than profitability? 3.Opportunities available to young graduates and when is the right time to go bootstrap or funding.Concluding the session with how and what to start with. Choose something you are interested in and follow its working. The speakers mainly focused on treating customers as the top priority and fulfilling their needs.

Srinivas Mohan who was the lead visual effects designer, coordinator and supervisor known for his works exclusively in Baahubali: The Beginning (2015). Communicating to the audience through visual effects and making the unreal look real is what makes visual effects such an interesting and amazing tool to be sed in movies.

Mridula Garg, the well known Indian author, publishing more than 30 books in Hindi and in English. She put som eligh on the topic “War between natue and Humnakind”.Stressed on the point that although technology has made our lives easier it hasn’t improved the quality of life. It comes at a cost of a clean and disease-free environment.Carson’s prophecy and her experience convinced her that war between nature and humankind is on and sooner or later something big will happen and nature will take its revenge. It happened in the form of Covid-19.

She has asked the people of the nation, is Vaccine the only solution to a pandemic like covid? The government can change this by bringing industries and work to villages where people won’t have to go to bigger cities. If done earlier(before Covid) , this could’ve helped achieve the target of Covid free India much earlier.

She ended her note by reciting a Hindi poem written by her on 5th April 2020. “Insan band hua Another highlight was the exhibition on climate monitoring systems. Showing recent advancements in the prediction of climate and creating awareness about the worsening of climate over the world in the past couple of decades.

William Daniel Philips is the American physicist, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997. He won the award for his contributions to laser cooling, a technique to slow the movement of gaseous atoms in order to better study them. An orator of such a level that inspired and motivated a lot of young minds in the audience to pursue their ideas and be keen about science and technology.

After a long day of Motivational Speakers and Panel Discussions, the Musical night truly helped everyone to relax. Ankur and the Ghalat Family seemed to be lost in an ocean of emotions and music and We are sure that the audience was surfing through it. The music produced true vibes of comfort and love and strong messages coming straight from their heart, going right into ours. A true inspiration to all the independent artists out there making music out of their feelings and connecting people at a level that is beyond physicality. The participation showed a huge audience with more than 500 people listening to the calming music from their homes with their families and friends.

Day 2 had a greater response than day 1 with more people joining in and we hope to have out final day tomorrow to be the best of all. Hope you all join us tomorrow in the last day of Techkriti’21 in the journey of exploring technology and entrepreneurship.


Techkriti'21 1st Day


Techkriti, Asia’s largest technical and entrepreneurial festival organized by IIT Kanpur, marks a symbol of creation or innovation in technology. Many interesting workshops, fascinating shows, enthralling talks, informal events, intriguing exhibitions, and exciting competitions together construct the face of technological innovation. The four days of the festival attracts a footfall of over 60,000 from around 1500+ prestigious colleges all over the world. Techkriti’21 is scheduled on 12-14 March 2021 and it aims for many more years full of technology ahead.

The extraordinary tech fiesta began with the inauguration on 12th March by our chief guest Mr. Abhishek Singh, the CEO of Digital India. The Director and Dean of Students’ Affairs of IIT Kanpur and the Festival Chairman of Techkriti graced the event with their presence and addressed the students.

Techkriti is known for hosting a variety of competitions with total prize money of more than 40 Lacs. The competitions serve as the backbone for fulfilling the basic motto of Techkriti - developing interest and encouraging innovation in technology among students. Competitions are classified in a few broad categories such as MUN(Model United Nations), Robogames, ECDC, Take Off, Fintech, Software Corner, Mixed Bowl, Design, Technovation, Entrepreneurial, and Business Events. Some of the key competitions that are going to be conducted at Techkriti’21 include RoboCad, ML Hackathon , Manoevure , ECDC , IOPC , Speed Quant , Mandakini, FinTech ,Design and business and enterprenure events(prizes worth INR 20 Lacs). Competitions conducted in Techkriti provide an excellent platform for students to compete and showcase their talents and kindle their innovative streak and creative appetite.

The workshops organized by Techkriti are designed to demonstrate the advancements in science and technology to future architects. They enhance the core skills required in the technology industry. They belong to vibrant categories like electronics, sustainable development, aero-modeling, application development and many more.Some of the workshops Techkriti is conducting this year are Web Development , Machine Learning,Cryptocurrency ,Ethical Hacking, Internet of Things (IoT), Android App Development, Robotics, Bridge Design ,Python programming and much more.

Techkriti also taken an social initiative ,BLISS (brightening life by igniting social support ) .BLISS started it’s journey with old age home visits , where they made those people feel needed and cared for .Recently , techkriti conducted an drawing competition under the banner ‘Shiksha na ruke ‘ which aims at providing education and help to underprivilidge children .The competition was conducted in 4 cities – Mumbai ,Delhi ,Lucknow ,Varanasi .The event has been a huge success.

Techkriti, in its past 26 years, witnessed various prominent personalities who showed the proper direction to many scientific minds by offering mind-stimulating talks and motivational speeches. Some of the speakers include Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (Ex-President of India and Founder of India’s missile program), , Michael Foreman (NASA Astronaut), Victor Hayes(Father of Wi-Fi),Dr. Mohsin Wali (Honorary Physician to the President of India and Padma Shri), etc. The words of such experienced people help to nurture future technology endeavors etc.

Besides workshops, talks, and exhibitions, the fest conducts blasting shows and performances as well. They mark the biggest centers of attraction for the audience. This year too Techkriti has arranged for the finest artists for various shows. For the Bollywood Night, the legendary singer KK will entertain the audience by his soulful songs. The shows and performances truly exponentiate the fascination among the fest attendees.

This year also we expect some very talented artists to perform in Techkriti’21.The online mode has not taken down the zeal of Techkriti . Mr Abhishek Singh(CEO Digital india) will open this realm of virtuality on 12th March following we will get to see some informative yet fun talks from industry experts like Bikash Sinha( Padma Bhushan), Anil Kakodkar(Padma Vibhushan, former director of BARC) , William Daniel Phillips, (Nobel Laureate), Pete Michels (Animation Director) , Mridula Garg(recipient of the Sahitya Academy Award) and panel discussions on global problems Ending the day Participants will get to attend some pronights having an exciting lineup of popular artists to refresh themselves. And to enjoy a night filled with soulful melodies and beautiful songs.

This year Techkriti is conducting one more event “Trooping “ .Under this event people get to enjoy pre-shows in 10 different cities – Jaipur , Udaipur , Varanasi , Delhi ,Palampur ,Munnar ,Bir ,Amritsar , Alleppey , Manali . This event will have extensive media coverage and photographs and videos will be shared on social media .The pre shows will be telecasted live in the receptions and cafeterias of the entire hotel chain of our sponsors.This will be an eye pleasing experience for the guests that will take them away from the impediments of life and provide them the repose that we all have been craving for during the pandemic.The previous year had been a roller coaster ride for all of us but Techkriti aims to bring positivity in everyone’s life by providing a gratifying kick start to this new year.We hope we will be able to bring ecstasy in the life of people through this event.

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