Sudeep Kumar Ghosh

PhD (IISc, Bangalore)

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics


Research Interest



  • PhD, IISc, Bangalore (2017)
  • PG IISc, Bangalore (2017)
  • UG, Jadavpur University, Kolkata (2009)


  • Sudeep Kumar Ghosh, P. K. Biswas, C. Xu, B. Li, J. Z. Zhao, A. D. Hillier and X. Xu- “Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking Superconductivity in Three-Dimensional Dirac Semimetallic Silicides” Phys. Rev. Research (Letters) 4, L012031 (2022).

  • T. Shang, Sudeep Kumar Ghosh, M. Smidman, D. J. Gawryluk, C. Baines, A. Wang, W. Xie, Y. Chen, M. O. Ajeesh, M. Nicklas, E. Pomjakushina, M. Medarde, M. Shi, J. F. Annett, H. Yuan, J. Quintanilla and T. Shiroka- “Spin-triplet superconductivity in Weyl nodal-line semimetals” npj Quantum Mater. 7, 35 (2022).

  • Pabitra K. Biswas, Sudeep Kumar Ghosh, J. Z. Zhao, D. A. Mayoh, N. D. Zhigadlo, Xiaofeng Xu, Chris Baines, A. D. Hillier, Geetha Balakrishnan and Martin R. Lees- “Chiral singlet superconductivity in the weakly correlated metal LaPt3P” Nature Communications 12, 2504 (2021).

  • Sudeep Kumar Ghosh, James F. Annett and Jorge Quintanilla- “Time-reversal symmetry breaking in superconductors through loop supercurrent order” New Journal of Physics 23, 083018 (2021).

  • Sudeep Kumar Ghosh, Gábor Csire, Philip Whittlesea, James F. Annett, Martin Gradhand, Jorge Quintanilla- “Quantitative theory of triplet pairing in the unconventional superconductor LaNiGa2” Physical Review B 101, 100506 (R) (2020).

  • May, 2017 – April, 2020: Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of Kent, UK

  • May, 2020 – May, 2022: Early career Research Fellow, University of Kent, UK


Department of Physics
IIT Kanpur,
Kanpur 208016

Office Phone: 0512-259-2318 (O)

Email: skghosh[AT]


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