Statistical Mechanics





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Course Contents

  1. Review of Thermodynamics, Probability theory, Random Walk, Brownian motion, Diffusion Equation, idea of Langevin and Fokker Planck Equations [8]

  2. Basic principles of Equilibrium Classical Statistical Mechanics, Micro Canonical, Canonical and Grand Canonical ensembles. [10]

  3. Quantum Statistical Mechanics, Density Matrix, Ideal Quantum Gases and their properties, Bose Einstein Condensation, Free Electron gas [10]

  4. a) Icing model of Magnetism, Transfer Matrix method, Mean field theory.
    b) Phase Transitions, Curie Weiss theory, Landau theory, Scaling near a critical point. [8]
    Reference Books: Reif, Huang, Patria, Landau and Lifshitz, S. K. Ma, Chaudhury and Stauffer.




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