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Vector calculus; Electrostatic with full use of vector calculus calculation of electric fields, electrostatic potential and La places equation and uniqueness of its solution; Method of images; Energy in electrostatics; Introduction to multi pole expansion, Dipole moment of a charge distribution, potential and field of a dipole, force and torque on a dipole in an electric field; Electrostatics in a medium, Displacement vector and boundary conditions, linear dielectrics, force on a dielctric; Magneto-statics with full use of vector calculus, introduction to vector potential; current densities, Lorenz force law, force and torque on a magnetic dipole in a magnetic field Magneto-statics in a medium, magnetization, bound currents, magnetic field H, boundary condition on B and H, magnetic susceptibility, ferro, para and diamagnetism.; Faradays law, energy in magnetic field; displacement current; fields produced by time dependent electric and magnetic fields within quasi static approximation; Max wells equations in vacuum and conducting and non conducting medium, Energy in electromagnetic field, Poynting vector, plane electromagnetic waves; Reflection and refraction of electromagnetic wave from a boundary, Brewsters angle.





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