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Transformation of Scalars and Vectors under Rotation, Form Invariance of Newton's Second Law, Forces in Nature; Solving Newton's Equations of Motion in Polar Coordinates for problems including Constraint and Friction, extension to Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates; Potential Energy Function, Conservative and Non Conservative Forces; Central Forces, Energy Equation and Diagrams, Elliptical, Parabolic, and Hyperbolic Orbits, Harmonic Oscillator with Damping, Forced Oscillations and Resonance, inclusion of Nonlinear Force and Chaotic Motion, Phase Space Description; Non Inertial Frames of Reference, Centrifugal and Carioles Forces, Weather Systems, Foucault Pendulum; Angular Momentum and Torque, Rigid Body Dynamics, Moment of Inertia Tensor, Principal Axes, Torque Free Precession, Gyroscopes, Euler's Equations; Special Relativity, Lorenz Transformation, Length Contraction, Time Dilation, Velocity Addition, Relativistic Dynamics, Energy Mass Relation





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