Energy And Carbon Markets: Economics, Policy And Regulation




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Energy and Economic Development: National and International Perspective, Structure of Energy Demand and Supply,, Energy Value Chain and Energy Accounting, Economics of Energy and Exhaustible Resources , Energy Security, Energy Policy and Planning, Modeling for Energy Markets: Applications in General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS), International Markets for Energy: Oil, Coal, Natural Gas and Uranium, Indian Energy Markets: Oil & Gas, Coal and Electricity, Private Investment in Energy Sectors: NELP, Coal Policy, Power Policy, Regulation of Indian Energy Sectors Electricity, Oil & Gas and Coal Sectors, Pricing in Energy Markets: Electricity, Coal, Oil and Natural Gas, Functioning of Power Exchange and Commodity Exchanges (Energy), Cross Border Energy Cooperation, Energy and Environment, Climate Change, UNFCC, Kyoto Protocol and beyond, Clean Development Mechanism and its Process, International Carbon Markets and Carbon Finance, National Action Plan on Climate Change, Renewable Energy: Technology, Economics and Policy, Market for Renewable Energy Certificates, Energy Conservation, Market for Energy Efficiency: ESCO and Market for Exerts (White Certificates). 



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