Innovation For Sustainable Business Advantage




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Module I: Innovation Concepts and Principles. Historical Perspectives, Innovation Myths and Realities, Challenges, Triggers and Sources for Creativity and Innovation, Innovation by individuals, communities and Corporations, Innovators Profile, Innovation Cycle, Phases of Innovation Cycle, Differences between Structured and Unstructured Innovation, Link between Corporate Vision, Strategy and Innovation, Components of Strategic Innovation, Organizational Architecture for Strategic Innovation, The Role of Government Policy in Innovation, The Roles of Venture Capitalists and Business Angels in Innovation, Eight Barriers to Innovation, Twelve Principles for Breaking Innovation Barriers, Innovation Principles for Sustainable Competitive Advantage and Generation of Wealth and Value. Module II: Innovation Approaches and Frameworks. Incremental, Breakthrough and Disruptive Innovation, Design based Innovation, Open vs. Closed Innovation; Kotlers Four Levels of Innovation: Business Model Innovation, Process Innovation, Market Innovation and Product/Service Innovation; Innovation Frameworks: Hansen Birkinshaw, Tracy Wiersema, Sawhney Wolcott; Reverse Innovation, Essential Principles and Practice of Reverse Innovation, Changing the Mind and the Management Model; Jugad Innovation, Essential Principles and Practice of Jugad Innovation, Jugad Innovations Future for Emerging Markets, Illustrative commercial examples for Innovation. Module III: Innovation Project. A practical project that illustrates the Innovation principles. 



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