Consumer Behaviour




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Consumers in the Market place: (a) An introduction to Consumer Behavior, Consumers as individuals: (a) Perception, (b) Learning and Memory, (c) Motivation, Values and Involvement, (d) Attitudes, (e) Attitude change and Persuasive Communication, (f) Self, Consumers as decision Markers: (a) Individual decision Making, (b) The Purchase Situation, Post purchase Evaluation and Product Disposal, (c) Group Influence, Opinion Leadership, (d) Organizational and Household Decision Making, Consumers and Sub Cultures: (a) Income and Social Class, (b) Ethic, Rattail and Religious Subcultures, Consumers and Cultures: (a) Cultural Influences on Consumer Behavior, (b)Lifestyles and Global Culture, (c) Sacred and Profane Consumption. 



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