International Business Management




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This course is relevant to all executives who plan or operationalise business strategies across multiple countries for international marketing, international sourcing, or international ownership. It focuses on learning about the global business environment, strategic opportunities and compete ness for internationalising, design and marketing of appropriate products and services, and key aspects in operationalising the strategy through organization structure, human resource, international coordination and leadership. While working towards these learning objectives, the course will maintain a close proximity to some themes of particular interest. We shall invite frequent attention to businesses that originate or operate in India/Asia. We will also be conscious of Governance relationships of investors from developed countries that affect their businesses in less developed ones. Cultural patterns as well as the Regulatory environment in different countries will be a recurrent theme in our discussions. And, we shall be conscious of how organizations may, through business without borders, stretch their capacities, and develop new competences and relationships. Much of the course will be through Case discussions. Country and product based presentations will also be utilised for building specific understanding. 



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