Handing over of Demand Draft from Dr Ambedkar Vichar Samiti to Opportunity School, IIT Kanpur



The occasion of the 130th Birth anniversary of "Bharat Ratna" Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar, which was proposed to be celebrated on 14 April 2021, was postponed due to COVID related restrictions subsequent lockdown in IIT Campus. A felicitation event to honour the retired employees was planned, but due to the Covid-19 global epidemic, the revised guidelines were given by the Government of India / State Government, due to which the program and the event was postponed.

As a social reformer, educationist, jurist, economist, politician and legal expert, Dr Ambedkar constantly strived to benefit the country and society. Dr Ambedkar envisaged such a society where social harmony and equality should prevail. For this purpose, he dedicated his entire life towards society and the Nation. Dr Ambedkar has gifted India with such a progressive and inclusive constitution that has been deepening and strengthening our fellow citizens' belief in our democracy for the past several decades.

Keeping in mind the work done by Baba Saheb in education, a new initiative has been planned on behalf of the Samiti. The financial support was provided to the Chairman Opportunity School Prof Nachiketa Tiwari by Prof. Abhay Karandikar, Director, IIT Kanpur, on behalf of Dr Ambedkar Vichar Samiti. This amount may be utilized for the monthly fees of needy children of the school. On account of this, a small event was organized at the Director's office.

Honourable Director Prof Abhay Karandikar graced the program along with Deputy Director Prof. S. Ganesh, and Dr R.K. Sachan, the Liaison Officer of the Institute's SC/ST/OBC along with the office bearers of Dr Ambedkar Vichar Samiti, President AVS Mr Mangesh Sukhdev, General Secretary AVS Mr G Kumar & Treasurer of AVS Mr Rajesh Kumar.

On this occasion, all of us, taking inspiration from Dr Ambedkar's great personality, struggles and life, take a pledge to bring his education and ideals into our lives and contribute to creating a strong and prosperous India. The event was organized by keeping in mind all the COVID guidelines issued by the Government of India.



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