Fluid Mechanics And Rate Processes




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FLUID MECHANICS: Introduction to fluids, Fluid static's; pressure as a scalar, manometer, forces on submerged surfaces (NO moments NOR center of pressure), Description of flows; field approach, Euler acceleration formula, streamlines, streak lines, etc., Reynolds transport theorem Conservation of mass; stream function, Linear (NOT angular) Momentum balance, Navier Stokes (NS) equation; elementary derivation; application; Poiseuille flow, Couette flow, Energy equation. Bernoulli equation, applications including flow measurement (Pitot tube, Orifice meters); Pipe flows and losses in fittings; Similitude and modeling: using non dimensionalization of NS equations and boundary conditions, simplifications for cases without free surfaces and without cavitations (scale factor approach should NOT be done); High Re flow: Prandtis approximation; basic in viscid flow; need for boundary layer; Magnus effect (mathematical derivations be avoided), Boundary layer selementary results for flat plates. Separation, flow past immersed bodies (bluff, streamlined); physics of ballgames (qualitative) Heat Transfer: Introduction, rate law and conservation law, Conduction equation; non dimensionalization, various approximations, Steady state conduction concept of resistances in series and of critical thickness of insulation, Unsteady conduction; significance of Biot and Fourier numbers, Heissler charts; Low Bi case. 



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