Mechanics of Solids





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Free body diagram, Modeling of supports, Conditions for Equilibrium, Friction Forced formation relationship and geometric compatibility (for small deformations)with illustrations through simple problems on axially loaded members and thin walled pressure vessels, Force analysis (axial force, shear force, bending moment, and twisting moment diagrams) of slender members (singularity functions not to be used), Concept of stress at a point, Transformation of stresses at a point, Principal stresses, Mohr’s circle (only for plane stress case),Displacement field, Concept of strain at a point, Transformation of strain at a point, Principal strains, Mohr’s circle (only for plane strain case), Strain Rosette, Modeling of problem as a plane stress or plane strain problem, Discussion of experimental results on 1D material behavior, Concepts of elasticity, plasticity, strain hardening, failure (fracture/yielding), idealization of 1D stress strain curve, Concepts of isotropy, orthotropy, anisotropy, Generalized Hooks law 


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