Atmospheric Physics And Chemistry




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Atmosphere as a Physical system, Introduction to Atmospheric Models: Simple Radiative model, Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming, Atmospheric Observations: The mean Temperature and Wind Fields, Gravity Waves, Ross by Waves, Ozone. Potential Temperature, Parcel Concepts, The Available Potential Energy, Moisture in the Atmosphere, The Saturated Adiabatic Lapse Rate, The Tephigram, Cloud Formation. Thermodynamics of Chemical Reactions, Chemical Kinetics, Bimolecular Reactions Photo dissociation, Stratospheric Ozone, Chapman Chemistry, Catalytic Cycles, Transport of Chemicals, The Antarctic Ozone Hole. Aerosol Dynamics: Discrete and continuous aerosol size distributions; Thermodynamics o atmospheric aerosols; Homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation; Coagulation and coagulation kernels; Condensation/evaporation, saturation vapour pressure corrections; Fluxes to a particle population; Sedimentation and dry deposition; Chemical equilibria; Heterogeneous reactions in aerosol aqueous phase; Aerosol cloud interactions. Aerosol and Global Climate: Trends in anthropogenic emissions and troposphere composition Solar and terrestrial radiation; Effect of pollutants on Earth's radiation budget; Radiation 



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