Microwave Imaging Characterization And Nondestructive Testing





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Course Contents

  1. Introduction to electromagnetic theory and microwaves; review of Maxwell's equations, interaction of microwaves with the dielectric materials and the concept of effective permittivity, definition of microwave imaging, characterization and testing, the concept of using microwaves as the imaging and testing tool; basic parameters required for the microwave imaging and their practical equivalents.

  2. Review of transmission line theory and the equivalent network representation of field quantities at microwave frequencies, scattering parameters and the transmission matrix, the relationship between the scattering and transmission matrices.

  3. Electromagnetic scattering theory: direct and inverse problems, the inverse problem from the mathematic point of view, basis of the electromagnetic scattering problem formulation for the microwave characterization and imaging applications.

  4. Overview of the microwave methods for the material characterization and testing, resonant methods, cavity perturbation approach, reflection methods, transmission reflection methods.

  5. Theory of transmission reflection methods for determining the permittivity and permeability of materials, various available algorithms, analytical approach, numerical optimization methods, formulation for the dispersive and anisotropic media.



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