Digital Video Signal Processing





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Representation of digital video including modeling of video image formation, spatiotemporal sampling over lattices, conversion of signals sampled on different lattices and sampling rate conversion of video signals. Two dimensional Motion Estimation : 2D Motion vs Apparent Motion, occlusion/ Aperture problems, 2D Motion field Models, optical flow methods; block based methods, percussive methods and Bayesian methods. Video filtering: Motion compensated filtering, including spatiotemporal spectrum, filtering along motion trajectories; Noise filtering, Video Restoration, including Modeling, Intra frame shift invariant I variant restoration, multi frame restoration; Standards conversion including practical Up/Down conversion Methods. Video compression: Basic concepts and techniques of video coding, lnter frame Compression Methods, Video Compression Standards (MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264) Low bit rate Video Codes, Embedded Video Codec’s, Scalable Video coding. 


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