Architecture and applications of digital signal processors





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DSP Architecture: Von Neumann vs. Harvard architecture, Velocity architecture Memory management of Tl DSP processors C2X, C6X. Peripheral overview of Tl C2X, C6X processor. Code Composer Studio (CCS) overview, writing simple programs in assembly, linear assembly and C. Instruction set of Tl C2X/C6X processor. Optimization of assembly and C code. Pipelining. General Extension Language (GEL). Assembler, Linker. Interrupts RTDX. DSP/BIOS List of Experiments Introduction to Code Composer Studio1 Introduction to Code Composer Studio11 Introduction to the Addressing Modes FFT and Bit Reversal Operation FFT and its Applications Audio Codec and its Applications Real Time Data Exchange Using Mat lab and Lab view FIR filtering by interfacing Mat lab with Code Composer Studio Introduction to Interrupts Digital communication using Binary Phase Shift Keying Current control of a three phase inverter with passive load Current control of a single phase inverter with passive load PLL for a three phase ac system PLL for a single phase system Current control of a three phase STA TCOM Speed control of an induction motor by V/f method. 


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