Power systems





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Course Contents

  1. Introduction to power system structure, types of components.

  2. Power Calculations, in balanced three phase Circuits, Method of Symmetrical Components forum balanced three phase Circuits.

  3. Different types of transformers and transformer Connections

  4. Inductance and capacitance calculations for transmission lines.

  5. Models for short and long transmission lines, steady state operation, shunt and series compensation, transients on transmission lines.

  6. Network models of power system using admittance and impedance matrices.

  7. The Load flow problem, Equations for bus powers and their numerical solution using Gauss Siedel and Newton Raphson methods.

  8. Analysis of faulted power systems using sequence networks

  9. Basic stability analysis, derivation of swing equation, equal area criteria, calculation of critical clearing angle, numerical solution of swing equation.

  10. Basics of Economic operation, incremental fuel cost, allocation of load between generators ina plant.



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