Principles of communication





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Fourier trans form theory for communication systems, Analog communication systems. Amplitude Modulation, Envelope Detection, Double Sideband (DSB), Single sideband (SSB) and Vestigial Sideband (VSB) systems, Base band Pass band equivalence. Angle Modulation, Frequency Modulation, Phase Modulation, Spectrum of FM signals. Pulse Modulation, Quantization, Compression, Delta and DPCM Modulation. Probability, MAP detection, Random Processes, Strict and Wide Sense Stationarity Ergodicity, AWGN. Digital Communication systems, Optimality of Matched filter, Bit Error Rate (BER), Signal constellation theory, BPSK and QPSK modulation. GSM/TDMA and IS95/CDMA cellular systems. Statistical Multiplexing and packet switching, ALOHA, slotted ALOHA, Basics of queuing and trucking systems. 


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