Pradip Sinha

PhD (Banaras Hindu University)

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences & Bioengineering (BSBE)

Research Interest



  • PhD, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (1982)
  • M.Sc, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (1977)
  • B.Sc, Guwahati University (1975)



  • Khan, S. J., Bajpai, A., Alam, M.D., Gupta, R. P., Harsh, S., Pandey, R., Goel-Bhattacharya, S., Nigam, A., Mishra, A. and Sinha, P. (2013) Epithelial neoplasia in Drosophila entails switch to primitive cell states. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (USA) 110(24): E2163-E2172

  • Jaiswal, M.; Agrawal, N. and Sinha P. (2006). Fat and Wingless signaling oppositely regulate epithelial cell-cell adhesion and distal wing development in Drosophila. Development 133, 925-935.

  • Shashidhara, L.S.; Agrawal, N.; Bajpai, R. Bharathi, V. and Sinha P. (1999). Negative regulation of dorso-ventral signallings by the homeotic gene Ultrabithorax during haltere development in Drosophila. Developmental Biology 212: 491-502.

  • Agrawal, N., Kango, M., Mishra, A. and Sinha, P. (1995). Neoplastic transformation and aberrant cell- cell interactions in genetic mosaics of lethal(2) giant larvae (lgl), a tumor suppressor gene of Drosophila. Developmental Biology 172: 218-228.

  • Agrawal, N., Joshi, S., Saha,D., Mishra, A., Kango, M. & Sinha, P.(1995). Epithelial hyperplasia of imaginal discs induced by mutations in Drosophila tumor suppressor genes: growth and pattern formation in genetics mosaics. Developmental Biology 169: 387-398.

  • Satish Chandra Agrawal Chair Professor at IITK , 2009 –11


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Fax: 0512-259-4010

Email: pradips[AT]


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