Kaushik Bhattacharya

PhD (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics)

Professor, Department of Physics




  • PhD, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics - 1997-2004.
  • M.Sc., Kolkata University (Raja Bazar Science College)- 1996,
  • B.Sc., Kolkata University (Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose College)-1994,



  • Astrophysics of Bertrand Space-times, published in Physical Review D, Vol. 88, 083532 (10 pages), (2013). arXiv:1310.0131

  • Lee-Wick radiation induced bouncing universe models, published in Physical Review D, Vol. 87, 083511 (16 pages), (2013). arXiv:1301.0661 [hep-th].

  • A toy model based analysis on the effect of the Lee-Wick partners in the evolution of the early universe, published in Physical Review D, Vol. 86, 025009 (11 pages),(2012). arXiv:1203.1109 [hep-ph]

  • Localization of Dirac-like excitations in graphene in the presence of smooth inhomogeneous magnetic fields, published in Journal of Physics of Condensed Matter, Vol. 24, 055301, (2012). arXiv:1108.1907[cond-mat.mes-hall]

  • Thermodynamics of the Lee-Wick partners: An alternative approach, published in Physical Review D, Vol. 84, 045023 (8 pages), (2011). arXiv:1108.0483 [hep-ph]



Department of Physics
IIT Kanpur,
Kanpur 208016

Office Phone: 0512-259-7306 (O)

Email: kaushikb[AT]iitk.ac.in


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