Atoms, Molecules and Photons




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Prerequisites: CHM102A

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This course is dedicated to introduce to the contemporary physical chemistry for undergraduate students. The course starts by inspiring students by introducing several landmark experiments of physical chemistry. Importance of theoretical approaches to explain experimental observations will be introduced subsequently. A combination of theoretical and experimental techniques in understanding structure and dynamics of atoms and molecules are then discussed.


This is a new course offered by the Department of Chemistry as a Science Option (under new ARC) in the second year even semester (i.e SO-3). The above course number is a tentative number.

Course Contents

1. Landmark experiments in physical chemistry 2. Interplay of theory and experiments in modern physical chemistry 3. Structure of atoms and molecules 4. Dynamics of atoms and molecules 5. Structure and dynamics of atoms and molecules interacting with radiation. 



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  • R. S. Berry, S. A. Rice and J. Ross, Physical Chemistry

  • D. A. McQuarrie,  J. D. Simon, Physical Chemistry: A molecular approach

  • K. J. Laidler, The World of Physical Chemistry

  • C. E. Dykstra, Physical Chemistry - A modern Introduction



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