Organic Chemistry: Fundamentals And Applications




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Basic Organic Chemistry Concepts: introduction to organic molecules and functional groups understanding organic reactions, stereochemistry and carbon- carbon bond forming reactions in organic synthesis. Drugs some examples including love drugs and molecules of death. Chemistry of odors, dyes and flavors. Green Chemistry introduction, principles, sustainability, atom economy, some green initiatives, management of resources and its effect on health and environment. Catalysis and biocatalysts in organic chemistry. En anti-oselectivity and chiral-synthesis, organo-catalysis. Enzymes as drug targets and their inhibitors as model inhibitors. Solid phase synthesis and strategies for futuristic designs in organic chemistry. Photo-chemistry: simple concepts and applications (semiconductor photochemistry, solar energy conversion by photovoltaic cells, photo catalysis, etc.); supra molecular photochemistry. Organic Materials: polymers (biodegradable polymers, conducting polymers, etc.), smart materials, OLEDs, intelligent gels, dyes, etc 



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