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Introduction: Role of operating System; System Calls; Processes and Threads Concepts of Processes, Threads; Process Control BLock. CPU Scheduling: Examples from contemporary OSes (UNIX and NT). Inter Process Communication Message Passing, Mailboxes, Pipes; Examples from contemporary OSes (Unix and NT).Process Synchronization Critical Section Problem; Hardware Mechanism for synchronization; Semaphores and Mutex objects; Classical Problems (Producer Consumer, dining philosophers etc.); Monitors; Examples of synchronization mechanisms such as from Java and Pthreads. Deadlocks and Detection, Prevention and avoidance mechanisms. Virtual Memory: Address binding process (compilation and linking); Dynamic Linking; Segmentation; Paging Protection; Demand Paging; Page Replacement policies Thrashing, preparing and other issues; swapping; examples from contemporary OSes (Linux, NT)Files and Directories: File organization in directories; File attributes; Operations on files; Directory attributes and operations on directories; Directory organizations; File and directory protections. File system implementation Concepts of mounting; Allocation mechanisms Contiguous, linked and indexed allocations; Free space management; caching; Examples of files systems from one or more of DOS, BSD, Linux, HPFS and NTFS; Device Drivers: Storage management Disk scheduling; Disk Management; Swap and swap management. Security and Protection Mechanisms: Password based protection; Encryption and Decryption; System Threats Viruses, Wormholes, Trojan Horses etc. 


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