Nuclear Magnetic Resonance





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Course Contents

Introduction to NMR Spectroscopy.(1)

Angular momentum, matrix representation of angular momentum operators. (6)

Density matrices, pure and mixed states, density operator and calculation of expectation values.(6)

Chemical shifts, coupling constants, rotating frame concept and qualitative description of pulse experiments.(5)

Construction of hamiltonian matrix for multispin systems and the solution of AB and ABX spin systems.(5)

Product operator formalism and vector diagrams.(5)

Analysis of multipulse experiments: INEPT, DEPT, COSY, NOESY and double quantum filtered COSY. (12)

Multidimensional NMR and macromolecular structure determination. (2)



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  • J.A.Pople, W.G.Schneider and H.J.Bernstein, High Resolution NMR, McGraw Hill, New York(1959).

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  • C.P.Slichter, Principles of Magnetic Resonance, Springer-Verlag, Berlin(1990).



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