Molecule Radiation Interaction




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Course Contents

Classical Elecromagnetics (5)
Fields, Maxwell’s equations, gauges and optics.

Quantization of Electromagnetic Fields (10)
Photons, polarizations, Stokes’ parameters, nontrivial role of the vector potential.

Interactions (10)
One and two photon processes, linewidths and lineshapes, broadening, Raman scattering.

Spectroscopy (10)
Born-Oppenheimer limit, time-dependent viewpoints, nonadiabatic effects.

Advanced topics (7)
Beyond dipole approximation, attosecond spectroscopy.



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  • Sakurai, Advanced Quantum Mechanics, 1967.

  • Cohen-Tannoudji & Dupont-Roc, Atom-Photon Interactions, 2004.

  • Landau & Lifshitz, Classical Theory of Fields, 1951.

  • Cohen-Tannoudji, Dupont-Roc & Grynberg, Photons & Atoms, 1989.

  • Feynman Lectures in Physics II, 2005.



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