Basic Biological Chemistry




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Prerequisites: CHM 481 

Course Contents

  • Recombinant DNA techniques, Protein folding, design and Engineering, Chou-Fasman rules, Ramachandran plot and conformation of biopolymers. Mechanisms of important enzymes. Biosynthesis of nucleic acids and proteins. confactors. (12)    

  • Immunology. Immune response, Innate immunity and adaptive immunity, Immune dysfunction and its consequences, Immunogenicity, antigens, antibody diversity, monoclonal antibodies, autoimmunity, Hybridoma technology (15)

  • Biosynthesis of lipids and fatty acids. Secondary metabolism, Membrane transport, Amino acid biosynthesis and metabolism. (6)

  • Cell differenciation, Regulation of gene expression, recombination, DNA replication, signal transduction. (8)




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  • Fundamentals of Biochemistry by Voet, Voet and Pratt

  • Biochemistry by L. Stryer, Proteins by T.E. Creighton, Genes VII by B. Lewin, Introduction to protein structure by Branden and Tooze, Enzyme structure and Mechanism by Alan Fersht.    




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