Molecular Reaction Dynamics




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Course Contents

Introduction (5)
Review of kinetic theory of gases, collisions - atomic and molecular.

Rate theories (6)
Transition state theory and RRKM theory, scattering - classical and quantum.

Reactive Collisions (10)
Potential energy surfaces, atom-diatom reactions, polyatomic reactions, state-selective, molecular beams, reaction rates and cross sections.

Dynamics in gas phase (8)
Photodissociation, energy transfer, stereodynamics, chemistry in real time with lasers, control.

Dynamics in condensed phase (8)
Solvation, diffusion, barrier crossing, Kramer-Grote-Hynes theory, Langevin equation, correlation functions.

Advanced topics (5)
Dynamics on surfaces, spatiotemporal aspects of pattern formation, ultrafast dynamics.  



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  • Schinke, Photodissociation Dynamics, 1993.

  • Manz & Wöste, Femtosecond Chemistry, 1995.

  • Nitzan, Chemical Dynamics in Condensed Phases, 2006.




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