Quantum Dynamics in Chemistry

CHM 667A



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Prerequisites: CHM 521A/600A 

Course Contents

  • Recapitulations of basic concepts of Quantum Mechanics
  • Approximation methods: Time-dependent Perturbation Theory and Dirac-Frenkel variational method with applications in reaction dynamics.
  • Statistical perspectives of quantum dynamics for composite quantum systems
  • Density matrix theories for open quantum systems
  • The path integral approach and its applications in chemistry
  • Introduction to relativistic quantum mechanics.
  • Trajectory picture of quantum dynamics
  • Applications:
    • Chemical Dynamics theory
    • Radiation-matter interaction
    • Matters under strong external fields: Attosecond spectroscopy




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  • Quantum Mechanics, Albert Messiah

  • Modern Quantum Mechanics, J. J. Sakurai

  • Quantum Dynamics, E. Bittner

  • Quantum Mechanics, E. Merzbacher

  • Quantum Mechanics and path integrals, R. P. Feynman and A. R. Hibbs




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