Macrocycles, Rings and Polymers


3-0-0 (9)


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CHM 342/442

Course Contents

Inorganic Heterocyclic Rings
P-N rings: Cyclophosphazenes and Cyclophosphazanes. Synthesis, structure and reactivity. Bonding models
P-N-X rings: carbophosphazenes, thiophosphazenes, metallaphosphazenes
Si-O rings: Cyclosiloxanes
Sn-O rings: Stannoxanes
B-containing rings: Boranes, carboranes, metallacarboranes, Borazine
Al-containing Rings: Al-N rings and cages, Al-C rings and cages, Alumoxanes (20 lectures)

Inorganic Homocyclic Rings
Inorganic homocyclic rings and cages containing silicon, germanium , boron, aluminum and gallium  (5 lectures)

Inorganic Macrocycles
Metalla porphyrins   (5 lectures)

Inorganic polymers
A brief review of organic polymers-methods of synthesis, polymer characteristics-molecular weights, glass-transition temperatures, stress-strain characteristics etc.
Polyphosphazenes, polysiloxanes, polysilanes, organometallic polymers. Synthetic methods, structure-property relationships, applications. (12 lectures) 


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  1. Most of the material for this course will be accessed from primary literature viz., Journal articles. Some text books that will be followed are as follows:

  2. Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers. Chandrasekhar, V. Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 2005.

  3. Contemporary Polymer Chemistry. 3rd Edn. Allcock H.R.; , Lampe, F.W.; Mark, J. Prentice Hall, N, 2004.

  4. Inorganic Polymers. Mark, J.E.; West, R.;  Allcock, H.R.;  Prentice-Hall, NY, 1992.

  5. Synthetic Metal Containing Polymers. Manners, I. Wiley-VCH, Weinheim,  2004.



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