Molecular Spectroscopy


3-0-0 (9)


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Course Contents:

Group theory (6)
Review of point groups, permutation inversion and molecular symmetry groups.

Interaction of radiation and matter (5)
Qualitative aspects, Einstein A, B coefficients, absorption-emission and line shapes.

Rotational Spectroscopy (8)
Rigid body, selection rules, vibrational angular momentum, tops.

Vibrational Spectroscopy (8)
Normal modes, selection rules, Fermi and Coriolis perturbations, polyatomic molecules.

Electronic Spectroscopy (6)
Introduction, symmetry aspects, vibronic effects.

Advanced topics (9)
Coupling of rotational and vibrational motions, nonrigid systems, high resolution and highly excited states, Wilson-Howard-Watson Hamiltonian, time-dependent viewpoint.



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  4. Hollas, Modern Spectroscopy, 2004.

  5. McHale, Molecular Spectroscopy, 1998.



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