Chemical Kinetics




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Course Contents

Phenomenological kinetics: Simple and complex systems including opposing, concurrent and consecutive reactions

Rate law and mechanism, relation with thermodynamics

Precision in rate measurement, data analysis

Special experimental methods including flash photolysis, shock tube, molecular beam and relaxation techniques

Oscillatory reactions

Theories of reaction rates: bimolecular reactions, rate coefficient, activation energy, potential energy surfaces, trajectory methods and transition state theory. Unimolecular and termolecular reactions

Applications: photochemistry, solution kinetics, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis and enzyme kinetics 



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  • K. J.Laidler, Chemical Kinetics, 3rd Ed. Harper & Row, New York, 1987

  • R. D. Levine and R. B. Bernstein, Molecular Reaction Dynamics and Chemical Reactivity, Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford, 1987

  • J. I. Steinfeld, J. S. Francisco, W. L. Hase, Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics, 2nd ed. Prentice-Hall, NJ 1999.




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