Chemistry Of Organometallic




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Prerequisites: CHM442 or CHM 342

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Newer aspects of organometallics derived from different elements such as Pd, Cu, Ti, Rh, Ru, Mo, Ni, Fe, Sn, Si, B, Mg, Ce, etc, including chemo-, regio-, stereoselective reactions, asymmetric induction etc, and their application in organic synthesis will be discussed.

History of organometallic chemistry; Werner complexes; Coordination number and geometry; Crystal field theory and ligand field theory; Bonding and molecular orbitals.

Bonding Types, Charges, and Donor Electrons; Ligand: chelate effect and heptaciy; 18-electron rule: Usefulness and limitation
Lewis Base Ligands: Halide donors, Oxygen ligands, Sulphur ligands, Nitrogen ligands: R3N, R2N-, RN2-; Tris(pyrazolyl)borate, A Few Biologically Important N-Ligands: imidazole, purine, porphyrine
-bound carbon ligands: hydrides, alkyls, aryls
-bonded carbon ligands: alkene, alkyne, allyl, diene, arenes, arenes, metalacyles
Metallocene and sandwich complexes
-bonded carbon ligands: carbenes, carbines

Bimetallic complexes and Metal Clusters
Metal-metal bond in bimetallic complexes; Clusters; Isolobal analogy; Metal nanoparticles

Elementary organometallic reactions
Ligand substitutions; Oxidative addition; Reductive elimination; Intramolecular insertions/eliminations; Nucleophillic/Electrophillic attacks on coordinated ligands.

Homogeneous catalysis and Catalysts
Introduction; Alkene isomerization; Hydrogenation; Hydroformylation; Monsanto acetic acid process; Alkene polymerization; Cross coupling reactions; Metathesis; C-H activation and functionalization; Oxidation of olefins; Metal Clusters and catalysis

Physical methods in Organometallic chemistry
1H NMR spectroscopy; 13C NMR spectroscopy; 31P NMR spectroscopy; Dynamic NMR, Mass spectroscopy, Isotope effect.

Bio-inspired Organometallic chemistry
Introduction, Coenzyme B12, Nitrogen fixation; Nickel enzyme; Oxygenases 



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