Organic Photochemistry




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Prerequisites: CHM402 or equivalent

Course Contents

An overview of basic concepts of photochemistry

Energy transfer; theoretical aspects of organic photochemistry; reaction mechanisms; photoreduction and photosubstitution reactions; photocycloadditions; photoisomerizations; photofragmentation and elimination reactions; photolytic deprotection and activation of functional groups.

Singlet oxygen: generation and reactions; photoinduced electron transferbasic concepts, illustrative examples of application to organic synthesis; photochemistry in organized media. Nanosecond and picoseconds studies of organic photoreactions. 



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  • Modern Molecular Photochemistry by N. J. Turro

  • Organic Photochemistry by J. M. Coxan and B. Halton

  • Essentials of Molecular Photochemistry by A. Gilbert and J. Baggot

  • Organic Photochemistry and Photobiology, CRC Handbook, Edited by W. M. Horspool and P. S. Song.




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