Advanced Organic Chemistry II




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Prerequisites: CHM 402

Course Contents

Principles of retrosynthetic analysis: Linear and convergent synthesis, Synthesis under steric control, Regio- and stereoselective synthesis, Basic synthetic methods.

Methodolgies for the construction of 3-7 membered rings, medium and large rings. Application in natural product synthesis.

Methodolies for the construction of 3-7 membered heterocyclic rings. Application In organic synthesis. 



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  • Corey and Cheng, The Logic of Chemical Synthesis, Wiley, 1989.

  • Nicolaou and Sorensen, Classics in Total Synthesis, 1996.

  • Nicolaou and Snyder, Classics in Total Synthesis II, 2003.

  • Carey and Sundberg, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Part I and II, 4th ed., 2000.




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