Inorganic Chemistry -II




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  1. CHM441(forInt.MScStudents)
  2. CHM345(NewARCforMS/BSstudents)


Course Contents

  1. Symmetry, point groups, character tables, concepts of orbital symmetries for d-orbital splitting diagrams in different stereochemistry (5)

  2. Synthesis and structure of mononuclear and multinuclear transition metal complexes (2)

  3. Theories of bonding. Crystal-field and Molecular orbital, effects of ligand-field (spectrochemical series, consequences of d-orbital splitting)  (6)        

  4. Spectroscopy of transition-metal complexes: Russell-Saunders coupling scheme, Term Symbols (6)

  5.  Magnetism of transition-metal complexes: Curie law, para-, ferro, anti-ferro and ferri-magnetic systems. (4)

  6. Reaction mechanism of transition metal complexes and electron-transfer reactions (5)

  7. Introduction of bio-inorganic chemistry: heme, non-heme, Fe-S proteins (5)

  8. New trends of research: supramolecular chemistry, metal-organic frameworks, gas-storage,

  9. nanochemistry, the renaissance of carbon (6)

  10. Transition metal-based inorganic materials (magnetic, optical and biomaterials) (3)



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