Physical Chemistry I




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Course Contents

  • Introduction: importance, historic background, quantum mechanics vs classical mechanics, wave particle duality, uncertainty principle

  • Schrödinger equation: wave function and interpretation, time dependent and time independent Schrödinger equation, eigen value problem

  • Quantum mechanics of some simple systems: free particle, particle in a box, harmonic oscillator, one dimensional potential step and barrier

  • Angular Momentum: rigid rotor, orbital and spin angular momentum

  • Hydrogen and hydrogen like atoms

  • Approximate methods: perturbation theory, variation method, some simple examples.

  • Many electron atom: Pauli anti symmetry principle, Slater determinant, He atom, Li atom.



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  1. I. N. Levine, Quantum Chemistry
  2. J. P. Lowe and K. A. Peterson, Quantum Chemistry
  3. D. A. McQuarrie, Quantum Chemistry
  4. D. A. McQuarrie,  J. D. Simon, Physical Chemistry: A molecular approach
  5. P. W. Atkins, Molecular Quantum Mechanics



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