Organic qualitative and quantitative analysis

CHM 305

0-0-6-0 (4)


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Course Contents

1. Experimental Techniques

(A) Purification of Organic Compoundsa.Recrystallisation
b. Sublimation at atmospheric pressure and under reduced pressure
c. Separation or organic compounds by Steam distillation
d. Distillation of organic compounds under reduced pressure
e. Bulb-to-bulb distillation under reduced pressure

(B) Chromatographya. Thin layer chromatography (TLC) and calculation of Rf values
b. Column Chromatography: separation of organic mixture.
c. Preparative TLC: preparation of plates and separation of organic mixtures

(C) Physical Constantsa. Melting Points and Boiling Points
b. Optical rotation and calculation of specific rotation and molecular rotation

(D) Spectroscopic Methodsa. Preparation of an ester and its confirmation by IR and NMR
b. Structure illucidation of unknown compounds based on the given spectral data

2. Investigation and Characterization of Organic Compoundsa. Detection of elements present in a given organic compound.
b. Identification of functional groups in a given organic compound.
c. Identification of unknown organic compounds.
d. Separation of organic mixture by chemical methods, preparation of derivatives, and identification of the material.


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