Basic Chemistry Lab


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Course Contents 

  • Permanganometric Titrations

  • Acid - Base Titrations

  • Iodometric Titrations

  • Complexometric Titrations

  • Recycling Of Aluminum

  • Preparation and Analysis of a Metal Complex

  • Polynuclear Metal Complexes with Multidentate Bridging Ligands

  • Chromatography of Natural Pigments

  • Synthesis of antioxidants used as food preservative

  • Preparation of Polymer Films

  • Isolation of Caffeine from tea

  • Preparation of Fluorescein Dye

  • Preparation of 9,10-dihydroanthracene-9,10-a,b-succinic anhydride via Diels-Alder reaction

  • Viscosities of Solutions

  • Chemical Kinetics

  • Heterogeneous Equilibrium

  • Photochemical Oxidation - Reduction

  • The Detection of Changes in the Conformation of Bovine serum albumin by Viscosity

  • Determination of pI of Glycine

  • Conductometric titration of HCl Vs NaOH



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 Experiments 1-8 and 14-17 are taken from "Experiments in General Chemistry" by A.J. Elias, S.S. Manoharan and Hans Raj, IIT Kanpur (1997), private circulation. The contents of other experiments are provided by F.A. Khan and S. Verma.  


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