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  • Part 1: Introduction to granular materials, Issues and challenges in experimental studies; Discrete element method for granular simulations; Hard and soft particle models; Contact force modeling, Algorithm for soft and hard particle methods; Calculation of various properties of interest from the data; Some fundamental insights obtained from DEM.

  • Part 2: Continuum models (Balance laws for mass, momentum and energy);Static properties of granular piles (Role of friction, Reynolds dilatancy, Pressure distribution in cylindrical container); Theory of slow flows; Flow through hoppers and wedge shaped bunkers; Rapid flow of smooth, in elastic grains in simple geometries, Hydrodynamic description of rapid granular flows, Heuristic theory and introduction to Kinetic theory of in elastic gases.

  • Part 3: Dense granular flow rheology, inertial number rheology in dense flow regime, 3D visco plastic rheological model, extension to the rheology of granular mixtures; Surface flows of granular materials, Flow over inclined plane and in rotating cylinders and heaps, depth average equations for surface flows; Mixing and segregation of granular mixtures, Savages kinetic sieving model, Khakhars single particle based segregation model, kinetic theory based segregation models.




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