Mechanics Of Soft Materials




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Course Contents

  • Fundamental Equations: The strain tensor; The stress tensor; Thermodynamics of deformation; Hooke's law; Homogeneous deformations; Equilibrium of an elastic medium bounded by a plane; Solid bodies in contact with and without interactions.

  • Equilibrium of rods and plates: Equations of equilibrium of rods; Bending and torsion of rods. Equation of equilibrium for a bent plate; The energy of a bent plate; Application of bending plate geometry for solving problems related to Adhesion.

  • Nonlinear elasticity: Molecular approach to rubber; strain energy theory; specific forms of strain energy; Neo Hookean elasticity. Solutions for incompressible materials. Cavitations in cross linked networks.

  • Mechanics of cell wall: Elasticity of cellular filaments; soft networks in cell; bio membranes, membrane undulations.




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