Introduction To Nanoscience And Technology




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Course Contents

  • Overview nano science: Important concepts such as size, quantum effect, and Moores law. Characteristic length scales determining the behavior of physical and biological systems; fundamental phenomena as a function of size and reduced dimensionality; different types of nano materials (metal, magnetic, quantum dots, lanthanide based nano particles, polymer nano particles, carbon nano tubes and their properties.

  • Synthesis and organization of nano materials: Chemical Routes for Synthesis of Nano materials: Chemical precipitation and co-precipitation; Metal nano crystals by reduction, Sol gel synthesis; Micro emulsions or reverse micelles, Solvo thermal synthesis; Thermolysis routes, Microwave heating synthesis; Sono chemical synthesis; self assembly; lithography; micro fluidics; and chemical vapor deposition; surface modification of nano particles.

  • Characterization techniques: Beam probe methods (TEM, EDX, SEM, EDX, and X-ray scattering), Scanning probe methods (STM and AFM) and other techniques (Optical Spectroscopy, Chromatography, Surface Plasma on Resonance and Light Scattering).

  • Application of nano science and technology: Drug delivery, Tissue engineering, bio sensors, catalysis, and electronics.

  • Discussion on research papers based on the above syllabus. This will be done in between the above topics.




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